Attic Insulation McKinney

Attic Insulation McKinney

The normal concern, of all McKinney homeowners, is to desire an energy efficient home.  Energy efficiency starts with ensuring your home possesses attic insulation, the right type of attic insulation, and the right amount of attic insulation.  Do you know the amount of attic insulation recommended or the recommended type of attic insulation your home needs? Attic insulation is not just the fluffy stuff in your attic.  Answering these questions is the focus of the McKinney attic insulation experts, DFW Home Insulation.  Attic Insulation McKinney. Our prime focus is offering information and educating McKinney residents and homeowners as to the details of attic insulation. Our devotion to education provides our clients with the comfort of knowing they are making the right decision.  We want you to be self-assured in the service provided by DFW Home Insulation.  We based our company on the notion your word is your honor Our reputation for attic insulation in McKinney is highly important to us.  (214)775-0905

Energy Efficiency, for McKinney Homes, Begins in the Attic

Out of sight out of mind.  The typical homeowner tends to forget the importance of the attic, due to the hustle and bustle of life in McKinney.  When heating and cooling your home, the attic directly impacts energy efficiency.  How do you know where to begin? Have you noticed a sudden change in your utility bills?  This is one of the simplest signs showing something may not be correct.  Heat may be leaving your home, in the winter, or it’s harder to cool your home in the summer.  The AC system appears to be running correctly.  When all else has been ruled out the obvious becomes clear, as Occam’s Razor.  “The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.” Taking that into consideration, chances are that your attic is playing a major role. Attic insulation assists in capturing heat rising to the top of your home, during the winter, by removing possibilities for the heat to pass through your ceiling through conduction or air leaks.  Consequently, the reverse is true during the summer.  Attic insulation, particularly in the McKinney summer heat, functions as a barrier against the penetration of hot air into your home.  Lastly, the simple task of insulating your attic or upgrading your attic insulation might be one of the most important tasks you can do to maintain your home warm in the cold months and cool in the warm months, while maintain energy bills at a manageable level.  It’s all about being comfortable in your own home.

Time Can Take a Toll on McKinney Attic Insulation

As our homes age, it may become judicious to add insulation to the attic. Several factors can weaken attic insulation and make your home susceptible to home comfort issues, including outdoor humidity, leaky roofs, pest infestation, and age. As insulation degrades and shifts over time, sections of your attic’s structure can become exposed, rendering the insulation ineffective. Older homes, characteristically, are not known for meeting modern efficiency standards and are often under-insulated.  The modest act of adding insulation can decrease your utility bills and have a positive impact on the family budget, while making the home more energy efficient.  By increasing the attic barrier, the amount of work required by your heating and cooling system can be measured by the reduction of run time hours and your increased number of days you are comfortable, therefore increasing the life span of your system, decreasing your overall carbon footprint, and reducing your cost out of pocket. DFW Home Insulation offers a full inspection and evaluation of your attic insulation and will provide you with a full choice of options.

How to Tell if You Need Attic Insulation Service in McKinney?

The decision to replace and add more attic insulation requires a complete inspection to determine your current insulation levels.  This can be accomplished by eyeing them, if your insulation levels are at or below your attic floor joists, the attic insulation should be added. However, if the opposite is true and you cannot see any of your attic floor joists due to too much insulation, then you do not need to add more insulation. Next, do you know the “R-value” of your current insulation?  If you’re like most, No.  The “R-value” helps in determining when it’s time to add more. R-values are the measurement of an insulations ability to resist heat.  The higher the R-value, the more superior the insulation. R-values between R-30 and R-49 are recommended for McKinney homes, which can range from 12 to 20 inches of padding. It all is contingent upon the climate. DFW Home Insulation can aid in determining your current R-value and if the addition of insulation is required.

If your still not sure if you need additional attic insulation McKinney or you are confident you do, contact DFW Home Insulation today at (214)775-0905 for a free consultation and estimate.  We are here to help and focused on making sure you and your family remain comfortable in your home while keeping the costs with your budget.  We look forward to servicing all your attic insulation needs.